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An Inclusive Christmas

Christmas is an annual, national holiday created by the human species
to celebrate the birth of a child.
Yet, humans have forgotten that the birth of
children of all species is miraculous.
Humans have, instead, injected into this holiday rituals
involving the monumental and horrific injustice
of breeding, executing, dismembering, eating,
and exploiting for many other human-centric purposes,
hundreds of millions of individuals of other land and sea species.

This is wrong.

Persons of other species aren't "products".
They're not "food", fashion, furnishings, entertainment,
sport, labor, research, recreation, merchandise, presents, etc.
Their bodies and body parts belong to them.
Humans don't have the right to use them for human purposes.

Please, let's stop participating in
committing these unjust and henious atrocities
against these beautiful beings.
Each values their life as much as those of the human species value theirs.

Vegan, please!
For all persons of other land and sea species.

This December, I face the winter solstice . . .
[thinking] of those still confined . . .
those who also yearn for the return of the sun . . .
those who have survived the Thanksgiving massacre . . .
only to face the horror of slaughter in the warmer months . . .
those who do not know whether the dimming of this year’s sun
is the herald to the extinguishing of their own.”

Excerpt from a heartfelt, poignant essay,
by Angel Flinn
December, 20, 2019
Their Stories

Three of many beautifully written stories about the residents of
Peaceful Prairie Sanctuary in Colorado.

A children's book.

Pablo's Gift
by Joanna Lucas
Peaceful Prairie Sanctuary

Willow's Whisper to the World
by Joanna Lucas
Peaceful Prairie Sanctuary

Portrait of Marcie...A Beautiful Soul
by Joanna Lucas
Peaceful Prairie Sanctuary

Santa's First Vegan Christmas
by Robin Raven

Order book here: Vegan Publishers
Recipes and Roasts
There are many, many, many free recipes online.

Possible searches to find them:
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We hope that names given to vegan and plant-based foods
will stop using the language and symbolism of
animal exploitation and execution.
We can surely think of more creative culinary names
that don't invoke and symbolically perpetuate
the injustice of using persons
of other land and sea species
as "products".